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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The "V" badge

     Not too bad! We made it 2 years and 3 months before Ruby ever got REALLY sick. She has been sick before with congestion, ear infections and little things here and there, but Thursday marked the first time she ever truly was sick, sick, sick. And then, we all got it.
     This event was one of the true tests of being a parent. It is the first time I had to deal with ... you know, the "V" word. I hate to use the full "V" word in my blog because I know some of you might have week stomachs. Plus, I don't want anyone so grossed out they won't continue to read. However, I DO feel the need to talk about this event. Not because I want anyone to feel sorry for me, but because I feel as if I have just passed a test. The test called "Put on your big girl/boy pants and deal with the "V" word"!
     Now, some of you may have already been down this road many times. Some of you have "V" badge several times over plus many more on your Parenting scout sash. Don't get me wrong, I have earned some badges that I didn't even know existed. For example, the "My daughter has just chipped a tooth even though she was safely strapped into her high chair" badge was news to me. I didn't expect to earn that badge, but I proudly put it on my sash.
      Now I have earned the "V" word badge. I have earned it over and over and over. I have to say I was quite impressed with how I handled the "V". I never gagged or dry heaved! I cleaned it up off the floor without needing a clothespin for my nose. I was ready and prepared for each "V" intrusion with a bucket and wipes. I slept with one eye open ready to catch any "V" that might try to make a sneak attack. I AM A "V" WARRIOR! okay, maybe that's a bit much. But you get the point.
     So, What's the next badge to earn in my parent scout sash? Will it be "I didn't pass out when my child got stitches" or "I had to call poison control when my child drank a bottle of cologne"? Both of which my parents earned because of me (Although Dad almost failed getting the stitches badge. He had to leave the room). I wonder if I will pass the next test as well as I did this one. Only time will tell.
      I need a little heads up in what is coming. I'd love to hear what badges you have earned. I'd also love to hear what badges you helped your parents earn. Perhaps I can start training in advance for some future badges!


blondie said...

i have the purfume consumption badge! just earned that one the other week! i was getting ready and packing the diaper bag with things needed for a trip to the ENT, when i entered my bedroom to find "E" at my dresser with a horrible grimace on her precious face, coupled with a sample vial of Paris Hilton's latest in her hand, upside down, completely empty. needless to say, she smelled like a lady of the night and there was no time for another bath before time to leave for the doctor's. i found comfort in the small size of the bottle and that she did have breakfast already that morning, so there was something to absorb the alcohol that she just drank! i didn't think much about it until my parents both became rather insistant that i should not be laughing while sharing the morning's events, and should instead call poison control to make sure that she didn't need to go to the hospital. reluctantly, i gave in and called "Ben" at poison control. and he confirmed that she should be fine, that it was not too much differet than the alcohol that we would typically consume... so great... i am on my way to the ENT with a drunk 19 month old! she decided to sleep it off and all was well, thank goodness! congrats on the "v" badge... we also have that one on our sash, but its for the projectile portion... yaaay! best of luck on your next challenge and hope lil miss sunshine feels better!

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing! We can all find comfort in knowing each others badges!

Ben said...

I have to correct you Jessica. I had to call poison control this summer when Ruby ate some dish detergent. She snuck into the kitchen @ the beach and by the time I found her she had taken a bite out of one of the detergent packages. She had this look of disgust on her face and said "yucky daddy."

Jessica said...

Sorry Ben, I didn't remember that one. So we have the poison control badge too!

DarkUFO said...