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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The many faces of Ruby

Everyday is an adventure with our daughter Ruby. As I watch her play and move through her day, I can't help but notice the new talents and skills she is learning. She is only two, but I see some very clear opportunities for her future should these skills and personality traits continue!

Motivational speaker
  • Ruby is always first to tell her friends that the block tower they just built is "AWESOME"!
  • Whenever anyone goes potty she is always there to cheer them on and acknowledge their accomplishment. "Yay Mommy! Pee pee in the potty! Awesome! High five!"
  • "I soooo tired." eh he eh  he eh he ( fake cry) Papies!  (a.k.a. passy) Papies! Wankie (a.k.a. Blankie) ! eh he eh he. I cryin'. "
  • "Ohhh noooo! I sooo scared!" 
A cheerleader/ very dedicated fan/commentator
  • "Gooooo SPIDERS!!!! YAY!  a basketball? he runnin' fast! and jump too high!"
  • "It's another Hokie Firrrrrst Down! Yay! a playin' football? Watch football?"
  • "ohhh no! fell down! he  okay? he okay?"
  • I wear spider hat! spider hat!
  • I wear Hokie shirt! Hokie bird!
A Doctor-several kinds are possible

  • "You hear that bird?"
  • Where Doctor? I put on doctor (aka stethoscope) !"
  • After I cough- "You okay mommy? all better?"
  • After she falls.- "Ruby okay!!! I hurted leg. You kiss it? All better!"
  • To one of the other kids-"I check your heart! lay down. bump bump, bump bump."
  • To one of the other kids-" I check your ears, I check your eyes!"
A composer/ musician/dancer
  • Ruby makes up various songs. Most of which have the same melody of twinkle, twinkle little star.
  • She loves to play her harmonica that she named "monica"
  • She loves to play the drums ans xylophone
  • She loves to dance. Currently her favorite songs are "Uptown Girl", "Party in the USA", " I like to move it" and "I got a feelin' "
  • She loves to sing into her microphone.
  • She knows the words and tunes to all of her favorite shows on t.v.
A professional athlete
  • Ruby is non stop motion. Running, jumping, rolling, wiggling.
  • She loves to throw ( but it gets her in time out a lot!)
  • She likes to swing things like they are a bat. ( It also ends in time out usually)
  • Ruby is really great at stealing the ball... and toys.( guess what happens after that?)
  • Ruby is getting good at catching and passing the ball with her friends. ( but only if she knows she is getting it back.) "Ruby's turn!"
  • Ruby is great climbing. ( I guess i don't have to mention what happens after that!)
  • Ruby loves to swim and to jump in the water. She has NO fear!

The amazing and also difficult thing about my Ruby is that who she is and what she wants changes by the minute. One minute she is very girly and playing dress up and the next second she is playing basketball and throwing herself on the floor. There is never a dull moment when she is around. She is exhausting! But what a blessing. It just takes one, " Luvs you mommy" and I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be. She is my daughter and I love her just the way she is! I am sooooo Blessed!


wilton said...

This is outsatanding! I love my Ruby!
Papa Wilton

Holly said...

Oui Oui Oui....haw haw haw