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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ruby and Bells

     Today is my Brother Ted's birthday ( Happy birthday TED!). Ben, Ruby and I all went over to his and his wife Sonia's house tonight to hang out, have a good time, and celebrate. Since we had all been sick, this would be our first opportunity for Ruby and Ted's youngest, (I'll call her Bells) to see each other since last week. I keep Bells during the week, so she and Ruby are together a lot.The awesome thing is that every single time they see each other, they act as if they haven't seen each other in a million years!!

  "Ruuuuuuby!!!!" Bells will say while doing her excited jig, in only the way she can. "Beeeellls!!" Ruby will say running to the door to greet her bestfriend/cousin. ""Come on!" Ruby will say. To which Bells will reply a happy "Okay, I comin'!"  Off together they go to get right to the important business of pretend.

     These two little ladies are thick as thieves. When one goes to the potty, they other stands outside of the door as entertainment for the other. When they decide they both need to go potty, one will be on the big potty and one on the little potty and they will pass books back and forth to pass the time. "Look Bells, you see that!" "Uh hu! Cow!"  Finally, one of them or both of them have successfully done the deed and they both cheer and clap for each other.
     They are also very concerned for each others well being. They are always using the doctor toys to check each other out. If Bells coughs or falls, Ruby is quick to ask "You okay, Bells." If someone is out of pretend coffee, the other is quick to refill it. If one is coloring the other one must join and complement the fine job they are doing.

     But, there are the times when all is not well and the screeching begins. It's usually nothing more than typical 2 year old behavior issues. Such as, one or the other stealing a toy or getting a little too rough when playing. When this happens, all normal communication stops and the screeching like animals begins.It does not stop until I break up the tug-o-war that is no doubt occurring and put one or both in time-out to calm down. Older kids would be fuming at each other during time-out, but these two ( unless I separate them) have already decided that they are fine. They are waving,smiling, and calling for each other as if they had not been arch enemies two seconds earlier.

     Ben and I sometimes talk about what these two darlings will be like as teenagers. There is not a doubt in my mind that they will probably be much the same. Best friends, excited to see each other, ready to hang out and get into mischief and spending a lot of time in time-out.
     I'm very glad I have a few years to get ready. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just Ruby and Bells, but there are 3 other cousins, all girls, to throw into the mix. And these girls really LOVE  being with each other. SO, I guess we better start saving for some tracking devices and we will probably have to take turns doing the night shift. Knowing what is coming and the headaches it may bring, I still  feel so blessed and lucky to have these girls in my Ruby's life. To play with, to laugh with, and to comfort each other as life brings its challenges. Thanks God for that awesome blessing!



Anonymous said...

Oh so cute and such a blessed adventure.
BTW, I don't know how to add my name.

Anonymous said...

As I said missed your calling as a writer!! What a blessing these girls are sharing having you as a caregiver!! I pray they will always be as close as they are now! You are making such wonderful memories for them NOW!


Grant U 3 said...

love the pics of these two partners in crime!