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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Friday, April 30, 2010

10 Little Things for Happy Healthy Living

Taking care of yourself is something we all know we need to do, but isn't always so easy to accomplish. We live in a busy world that is always nagging us for our attention.For some folks it is a job that always has them putting their needs on the back burner. For me it is often family life that keeps me feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from myself.

The sad thing is, sometimes it's the "taking care of myself" that stresses me out. I find myself looking in the mirror and beating myself up with all of things I see wrong.I find myself freaking out because I don't have time to work out as much as I would like to get my butt in gear. I find myself overwhelmed by the pounds I want to lose and the muscles I want to tone. Certainly this negative self-talk is only making things worse. Health is not just physical, it's mental too!

I have to change my train of thought. TwitterMoms and Tropicana Trop50 have teamed up to ask bloggers the 10 Little Things that Lead to a Happier, Healthier You. ( Just click on the highlighted print to find out more!) This is just the opportunity I need to get my mind in the game, the right way! It's the little things I can do that will make a BIG difference in my mental and physical health. I need to start by recognizing what things I am already doing right, and add some new SMALL things in to make BIG change. So, here is my list!Try

1)Laughing! Laughing is good for so many reasons. I know there have been studies that show all of the positive physical effects laughing can have on your body. It's also good for your mind. Lucky for me, I have a very funny family AND I work with kids for a living. Kids are always a great source of laughter. Even on my worst day, I try and find some humor to help me through! Plus, it's good to laugh at how silly I am too!

2) Affection! I need lots and lots of affection. I love and need hugs and kisses and winks and smiles. My line of work is very helpful in this regard. I grew up in a very huggy family. My husband is also wonderful at giving me my quota. If I ever feel overwhelmed, I just bury my head in his chest and let his giant arms (he's 6 foot 9 people!) wrap around me. I can literally feel my stress fall away. My dad is also awesome at this too ( he's 6 foot 7)!  There is nothing better than a big-ole- hug!

3)Dancing! Sometimes when the kids are nuts, I put on some tunes and we get our groove on. It's great for lowering the stress level in the house and blowing off some steam.

4)A walk or a run. I love getting out with the my ipod and just having some me time on the pavement. I always feel so accomplished when I am finished.

5)Vegetable garden. My husband and I planted fresh veggies and herbs last year. Not only did it help us eat healthier, but it helped our budget too!

6)Getting away. My parents have a house at Lake Gaston, NC. The moment we pull in the driveway, I feel refreshed. Just getting out of our house where projects loom and duty calls is huge for helping relieve stress.

7)Trying not to sweat the small stuff. This is an on going battle for me. I am a worrier by my genetic make up, so I have constantly remind my self to let the little things go. Thank goodness I have an amazing mom and sister to help me talk through that process.

8)Writing. Whether it is in my journal or I am blogging, getting my words out there make me feel happier. It allows me to think things through. I can go back and read journals and blogs from the past and see how the Lord is working in my life. It's something I have done since I was little.

9)Pampering myself. Money is tight, but if I can get a massage or beg Ben to give me one, I always feel better. Taking the time for a hot bath, a hot cup of coffee, putting on my make up are all ways I pamper myself.

10)Prayer and Praise. Although this is last on my list, it is not in my life. Daily prayer and praise to God is where I find my true peace. Turning to God shouldn't be a last resort, it should be our first step in taking care of ourselves. When I am feeling unsure about a path to take in life or trouble is on the horizon, I give it to God. However, it is so important to be THANKFUL! I love turning on my favorite praise and worship songs and singing my praise. I am so blessed and I need to remember WHO make those blessings happen. Like the song says, " Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise him all creatures here below." God should be praised for my health and my happiness.

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Trop50 Little Things for Happy, Healthy Living
1000 Little Things for Moms from Trop50

Monday, April 26, 2010

Beautiful Creatures

Have you ever wondered why kids CD's are soooooo painful to listen to? Usually they are filled with  the most annoying songs EVER. Seriously, how many different ways can you sing Bingo or the Wheels on the Bus? I'm pretty sure I have heard it just about every way possible. Traditional cheesy style, rock and roll style, and my personal favorite disco style! Some are better than others, but any way you slice it, it's going to be torture for any adult listening.I have been teaching music to children for over 6 years, I still have trouble swallowing the music that is out there. I'm always looking for something fresh and new that even I can handle listening to over and over.

That's why I was so thrilled when I was asked to check out this new CD, Beautiful Creatures. I was really ready for some new tunes to switch things up. This CD seems to be exactly what I was looking for.  Beautiful Creatures is a CD  that the my kiddies love and I can enjoy with them. Of course, ANYTHING, can be over played ( even top 40 hits on the radio), but this CD will last far past any average kids CD.

  Beautiful Creatures has an African theme to it. Many of the songs are about African animals. While the songs are fun, they also give facts about each of the animals they are singing about. The educational side of the songs was a bonus considering the songs were so upbeat and fun. As I listened to each song, I was able to visualize how I could use these songs during our circle time. H is for hippo, Z is for Zebra, L is for lion, and so on. Using music is a great way to keep the kids engaged in learning, so these songs will come in very handy in that regard.

The true test was to see if the kids liked it. From the first note, the kids were bobbing their heads and wiggling in their seats. They loved the African kids singing in the background and the fun African beats. K asked to hear several songs over and over again. It was a hit! The kids were quickly singing along where they remembered the words and dancing around the playroom. I guess to say they liked it was an understatement! Ruby even asked to listen to it on our car trip to D.C. this weekend!

If you would like to check them out too, you can follow them on Twitter or on Facebook. These songs are available on itunes for you to listen to. You can also go to their website: I'd love to hear what you think! If your in the market for this type of music, I bet you like it. I know my kids and I did!