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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Pepper Experiment

I realize that I am very lucky when I say that my daughter LOVES vegetables. However, being a daycare provider, I am well aware that this is not always the case. Most kids that I have met or worked with have been resistant to trying new food period. I am always putting the veggies or new food on their plate in hopes that they will be so hungry that they will just scarf it right down. Most of the time I end up having them leave it on their plate along with the one piece they put in their mouth for 2 seconds and spit out. I'm NOT giving up!

Today, I out smarted them. I made an experiment. I took a red, green, and yellow bell pepper and showed them to the kids. I asked them what colors the peppers were. The little boy I keep( we'll call him K.) knows his colors very well, but Ruby is still learning them. We counted them (that one was easy). We smelled them and talked about it. Then I cut the top center part of one of the peppers out and showed them all of the seeds. And lastly, we tasted each color and compared how they tasted!

The kids had a great time! K. decided his favorite was green and Ruby decided her favorite was red. Both kids tasted and enjoyed the peppers. They even asked for seconds. I was very proud of their adventurous spirit! I was missing one of my crew members today due to illness, but perhaps when she comes back we ill try it again with her! Now I just have to come up with some other vegetables and fruits to see if today's successful experiment was just a fluke or REAL winner.

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