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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Monday, March 29, 2010

We WILL have fun at the zoo!

Last week the kids and I took second trip to our local Zoo! It's a very small family owned zoo. I've been to the San Diego Zoo before and this little zoo is a far cry from that glorious place. However, it serves my kids perfectly. It's big enough to wear them out, yet small enough not to wear me out! I had season passes to the zoo last year because Ruby loved it so much. We went all the time. So, I thought nothing about getting them again this year. I figured we would go once every few weeks, just to see what was new and to review the kids favorite spots. It would be the perfect way to get all my darlings to take a long long nap after lunch and give me a break.

My plan was almost foiled when we took our first trip of the season and it was a bit of a disaster. It seems that my little darling Ruby has developed a new emotion since last year. FEAR! This zoo has a peacock and a rooster that they allow to walk around the park. We saw the same peacock and rooster last year and it wasn't a problem, but that wasn't true this year. That darn peacock and rooster pretty much ruined our trip. It started with Ruby flipping out and then trickled to K and Bells.We couldn't get out of there fast enough that day. I was worried that I had just wasted a ton of money getting the season passes and this kids wouldn't ever want to go back.

Sure enough, when I mentioned going to the zoo again, all three children had remembered the rooster and peacock fiasco and were worried about going back. But, I was determined to have a fantastic trip this time. I was not going to have bought those passes in vain! We piled into my mom- mobile, put in Madagascar to set the mood and off we went to change popular opinion about the zoo!

Putting in Madagascar was brilliant, if I do say so myself. By the time we got to the zoo the kids were looking forward to the giraffes and we were making it our mission for the day to look for the lion and perhaps some lemurs. We got out of the car, checked in and got our zoo treats for the giraffes and we were set. We walked into a very noisy zoo that put Ruby back a few steps. It took some coaxing then some firm talking, but I finally got her down the ramp to the first set of animals. Here is the video. You can see how this might be a little intimidating. K and Bells, were into it and I think that helped eventually calm Ruby down.

We were off to a great start! AND I am happy to report things only got better from there. Next we saw the cutest baby monkey. The mommy monkey was playing with the baby. It was just precious!

Then we found our lion!Which of course we decided to name Alex after our favorite Madagascar lion!

Then another fantastic discovery! Ostrich eggs!

Turtles sunning themselves.What a great learning day we are having at the zoo!Until...

THAT STUPID PEACOCK! I had to try and distract Ruby while we passed by it! K and Bells saw it and picked up the pace a bit. I hurried them along as fast as I could. Ruby saw it after we passed and screamed and ran! OHHH NOOO! My perfect zoo trip was about to be ruined by one dumb bird! 


there were two birds. UGHHHHH! This one, I'm not sure what it is., BUT  we found out later he wasn't supposed to be out of his little caged area. NOT GOOD PEOPLE! I had to find something to redeem this day and quick!


You can see the kids weren't that interested in feeding him, but it still saved the day!

The Penguins were a big highlight of the day too. We got to watch them eat their lunch.

Then we ate ours too! I've found that it's best to eat lunch before we go home whenever possible. Most of the time one or all of them fall asleep on the way. So, when I get home it's straight to bed for them and rest time for me!
We talked about our favorite parts. Ruby said hers was the giraffe, Bells enjoyed the monkey's and K said his favorite was the lion! Why am I not surprised? We had a fantastic day overall. I think even with the bird issue, I could safely say the kids would agree!

Here are some more great pictures of the day! 



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Savvy Coupon Mommy said...

Hi :-)
Wow! It looks like you had a great day! My little one's LOVE the zoo....we have an annual pass to the NYC zoo's / aquarium....great value! :-)
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Anonymous said...

Love, love the animals...esp. the giraffe and the llama's coy smile.
Great blog Jessica.