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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Clutter! Clutter! Clutter! It's everywhere I look. It's on top and on the front of the fridge, on most flat surfaces and in many many drawers. I live in clutter. Despite my best intentions and relentless cleaning, it just keeps coming back and each time it seems to grow bigger. The higher surfaces really gather the mess the best. What was clean 15 minutes earlier becomes the place to keep things safe from little hands or banish toys that have been taken away. UGH!

This beautiful island above becomes a drop spot for everything the moment I walk in the door. I really can't blame anyone but myself for most of it. There's the camera bag...mine. There's a coffee mug...mine. There's the phone... I forgot to put it away. Fold up potty seat... I took it out of my purse and it landed there. I think I see poster paper in there... also mine. There are some Ben things too! There are some sunglasses, a home depot bag ( you know that's not mine for sure!), our dog's collar, and Ben's work stuff. So, while I am outing my clutter issues, I do have a little help from those around me.

Clutter and messiness has been a problem my whole life. I remember when I was in the third grade begging my best friend Natoya, to help me organize the inside of my desk. Hers was always perfect. Everything was just where it was supposed to be. Her folders looked brand new even though I knew she had them all year long just like me. She would always help me, but it seemed that within just one day, it was right back the way it started.I would like to blame my messy nature on my creative brain or a genetic disposition to being sloppy, but the fact is I am old enough to know how to do better. You would think so anyway!

I was recently painfully reminded of just how messy I am. I went into a friends house and saw how the other side, the non-clutter side, live. When I walked though the door I was instantly aware of my house keeping short comings. My friends house looked like something out of a Southern Living Magazine. Everything was perfectly decorated. There was no dirt or clutter in site. Even the base boards were immaculate. COME ON!!!! I looked and looked for clutter or mess somewhere, but I swear, there was not a thing out of place. She is living my dream! The clutter-less goal I have been striving to achieve my whole life is in her house!  How does she do it??? I have no idea! All I know is, I don't do it and I want it!

I want to live like that. I want to live in a house where everything has a place and I remember to put it in it's place. I want someone to come in and tell me how to decorate.I want them to tell me what to pitch and what to keep. I want to buy containers and shelves to make things nice and neat and pretty. I want to start from scratch and do it better this time. I dream of the show Clean house coming here and giving me a little boost. My house isn't as bad as the ones on that show, but I could definitely use some organization help.I want Trish to give me all of the containers and help me to sort , Matt to handle putting in all the shelving, and Mark to redesign my house from top to bottom. It would feel like a breath of fresh air to have a clean slate.

Alas! That will never happen. I will have to do it myself. BOOOOOO! I will have to buy all of those containers myself which, by the way, are not cheap. I will have to throw away things I might need later. I will have to repaint my whole house and remove the little finger prints and crayon marks from the walls. I will have to find the perfect couch that doesn't attract my dogs hair. I will have to fix it all someday. I did sign up for this home makeover contest. I have been faithfully checking to see if my number has been drawn. Nothing yet!
I'm still hoping though!

For those of you who live in the non-clutter world, please, do not judge us that do. Most of us want to be like you. Most of us are trying our best to keep this little DIRTY secret of clutter hidden from the rest of the world. I, however have just outed myself to the world and I am feeling a bit naked. Who am I kidding? Everyone who has been to my house knows it  anyway. Shouting, " DON"T LOOK IN THERE!" kinda gives me away! ugh! I remember thinking , " When I am home and not working at school anymore the house will always be clean and the laundry will always get done." That didn't happen. It seems to have just gotten worse.

I'm not giving up! I will defeat this mess and clutter. It will happen someday! I have to believe that I can accomplish that simple task before I go before the Lord. I want to rest in peace knowing that I left my little space of the world clean.  Until that happens though... Don't go in any closets, drawers, or rooms with the door shut. It's just better for us all that way!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain!

BJNR said...

FlyLady saved me! Check her out:

Anonymous said...

My house is better than it used to be but the farthest thing from perfect. Unexpected guests make me nervous because I need time to get ready for visitors. And I'm not talking 5 minutes. My desk looks worse than your first picture. And it's been this way for awhile. My living room has a bench that you can't see and another chair with things on it. My kitchen is okay but the mail pile is out of control. I have a different place for important mail that arrives than I do for - oh I want to look at that when I have 5 minutes! My bedroom - needs some work but isn't completely terrible. I could go on and on. And I need some bins too. Especially for some clothes of my little guys that I am not yet ready to part with. Before he arrived loads of things went to the rescue mission and I'm sure more could go but sometimes I think I just need more space! ;)

Jessica said...

OK BJNR, I am signed up for Flylady and am in the sink shining process. Here's to hope!
APlace-I think if I got more space, the clutter would just grow to meet the space.

BJNR said...

YEAH!! What I love is that "You can do anything for 15 minutes!" It's so true! Even for crazy busy people like us!! Hope you FLY!!