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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heart- ache to Heart- full! Prayer and Praise!!!

Today hasn't been the best day. I woke up today with terrible chest pains and some nausea. I hadn't slept well. Between the t.v. coming on by itself twice in the middle of the night (I'm not sure what the cable company is doing, but when they reset the cable the t.v. comes on and scares me to death.) and my attempts to stop the snoring from the other side of the bed, ( "Ben, ROLL OVER!!!") I was wiped out! THEN, even though I could have slept in a little to a big whopping 7:00 AM, Ruby decide 6:00 AM was the wake up time for the day! UGH!

After my attempts to get her to go back to bed didn't work, I gave her some books and made her play in her room until I could take care of business and get dressed. I got about 3 minutes in before she wanted me to let her out of her room. "MOMMY! I ALL DONE PLAYING IN RUBY'S ROOM!" Seriously, I can't get even 5 minutes???? "Ruby, hold on a minute. I'll be there after I get dressed." Did I really think it would be that easy?I must have mistaken her for some other child. "No MOMMY! I ALLLL DOOOONE!!! I COME OUT NOW!" I listen to her holler through her door until I open it. "Hi Mommy! What you doin'?" Deep breath."What did I say Ruby?" "Ummmm, you say you gettin' you dressed. A be der a minute." "That's right. Please don't yell at mommy. Be patient okay?" "Okay, Mommy! I soooo hungry! I want some yogurt."

The mommy's job is never easy. Even though I am not feeling well, I have mouths to feed, diapers to change, time outs to give, and lessons to teach. THE SHOW MUST GO ON. But today was different. I wasn't shaking my chest pain. I wasn't loosing the nausea. I truly felt awful. The down side to doing daycare is that EVERYONE is depending on you. SO, taking a sick day isn't such an easy decision. I had been having chest pains for a while. I needed to go to the doctor. I knew that, but taking the time isn't that easy when so many folks are depending on you. But, I just wasn't feeling right. I had to do something. How that was going to happen, I didn't know.

When Ben came downstairs he noticed I didn't look right. He asked me what was wrong. I told him about my chest and nausea. He said he had a pretty flexible day and he wanted me to make an appointment as soon as I could to go to the doctor. He was going to come home and watch all three 2 year olds while I went. Luckily, K leaves by 11:00 and he would quickly only have to deal with Ruby and her cousin Bells. I got the appointment and a little after 10:00 I left him. What a GREAT husband!

At the doctor's office, I went through my list of complaints with the medical student who was interning and then again for the nurse practitioner. I told them my list of medicines ( It is completely ridiculous that I am taking so many things considering I am only 31years old) and asked if some of the things I am taking are making this happen. The N.P. thought my Metformin (sp?) could be causing the nausea, but she wanted to do some other tests too. First, they did a oxygen test with this little thingy on my finger.Then, they made me run around and they did that test again. NORMAL! 99% and 98%. Next, came the blood work. Usually that takes forever because they have trouble finding a vein, but the nurse today rocked and got it on the first stick! YAY!

Finally, they did an EKG. After the doctor had read the results, the med student came back in. I was trying to read her face as to what her comments might be. I though she would come in and say," Well, the EKG was fine, so we want you to...." But her face gave nothing away. " We looked at your EKG results and there is some concern. Because we don't have any other EKG to compare it to we need you to go get another test done. Don't worry. It's not an emergency, but there is something a bit off." Uhhhhh was all I could think. I'm pretty sure I didn't move or say anything, but my face must have prompted her to continue. "The bad thing about an EKG is that it isn't specific. We know there is a problem, we just don't know what. It could be a birth defect you didn't know about, or your heart just isn't getting enough oxygen. So, here is the slip. The lady at the end of the hall will help you make the appointment. For now, go get a chest x-ray, just to check that too, stop the Metformin for a week and see if you feel better, and when everything comes back, come back and see us and we'll go from there." Okay. Alright. Ummm. I finally got some words together, "So I just take this to the lady at the end of the hall???"

I called Ben and told him what happened. He told me to go ahead and get the x-ray done, since he was already home. He had things under control. I called my Mom, who evidently soon after we hung up, started emailing some folks to start praying. I went to get my x-ray, but had to go back after lunch because they were closed. So, I ran to my parents office and had lunch there with my sister. My Dad was there, and Mom had already talked to him about everything. He was going to the cardiologist because of something similar. AHHH my lovely gene pool. It's not good people! Not on either side! I finally got my x-ray and went home.

Ruby was in bed, but still awake at almost 2:00. I made myself comfy on the couch next to Ben, and that was it. I was out cold. Sometime in there, Ruby fell asleep too! I slept for an hour and a half, at least. My body was done. I needed some rest and time to process everything. So, basically... We know there is a problem, but we don't know what. It's not big enough to put me in the hospital, but it's big enough to make me feel terrible. We know there will be more appointments and tests and I will have to figure out how to handle the daycare when those things happen. Stress, Stress, STRESS! BREATH!

This evening we took pizza to the nursing home and had dinner with my Father-in-law. We had a great time and it really took my mind off of everything, which was exactly what I needed. I am a worry wart. No matter how I try to hand things to the Lord, I still obsess over them. I've been working on that my whole life. I would like to say I have gotten better about letting go and letting God, but that isn't the case. I just can't let things leave my mind until they are resolved. So, that was an up note to my day!


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I knew it was coming but to see it in print was VERY exciting! TwitterMom's was one of the first places I found when I started blogging. I love this site. I have made several dear friends all over the place. Everyone has been so helpful with my blogging and every day mommy issues. THIS MADE MY DAY! Thank you soooo much to Lea Curtes-Swenson who wrote this article about me. She took my answers and made me sound much more impressive than I am. But, I'll take it!!! THANKS! THIS was the pick-me-up I needed today!

Thank you to all of you who are dedicated readers and wonderful advocates of my work. Two particular ladies had already given me beautiful blogger awards deserve a special shout out. The author of the blog and Mommy Friend Lori over at have been a great source of encouragement for me. I find you both inspiring. I look forward to reading and learning from your thoughts everyday. To those of you who haven't checked these blogs out, check them out and spread the word. THEY ROCK! It's moments that these ladies have given me and this amazing write up by Lea, that keep me motivated to be better, do more, reach higher. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

My HEART is fuller tonight. In a good way! Please pray for quick and answers and solutions to make it feel better! Thanks again to everyone for lifting my spirits! 

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Your Mommy Friend Lori said...

Ooo! Am I the first to comment on this? I was SO TOTALLY EXCITED when I saw this! I am so happy for you Jessica, I know how hard you've been working on your site!

Anonymous said...

Jessica - I so hope you feel better soon and let us know when you get more results. So many things can be causing this. Could be metformin could be something else. I also come from a gene pool with heart issues and bp issues and more. Once I had similar feelings in my chest and a concerning ekg and what had happened was my chest wall had expanded and the pressure of it being inflammed and caused these pains. Was better in a couple days. Like you, (again are you my sister?) I am a worry wort and stress alone, well, you know. Hugs to you - I hope it's something simple that goes away quick!

And I posted this on twitter but I am so happy for you getting TwitterMom of the month! Congratulations!!! You deserve it!!!

Anonymous said...

YOU ROCK, baby girl!
Love you!

Mom et al said...

Hi, I'm your newest Friday Follower!

Come visit me at


Letherton said...

Here from FF

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Anonymous said...

Hi hun! Returning your Friday Follow!!

I am going through similar health issues and ALWAYS curse my genetics! I hope everything works out for you..and I'll be thinking of you.

Congrats on being TWitterMom of the month!