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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Writing a book? Hmmm

Okay, so in the last 2 days I've had several folks tell me that they think I should write a book. It's sooo flattering that people like my blog and are enjoying my style of writing. There is no question that I would love to tackle that task and I have thought about writing since high school. I have visions in my head of a best seller, as I am sure anyone who would even consider the idea would. There is only one problem... I have NO idea what I would write about. It's one thing to write a little blog post a few times a week, it's a whole other thing to write a mind stimulating book of any length.

Let's just suppose that I did decide to write a book. Would it be fiction? A Children's book? A How To Book? Would it be a book of poetry? A non-fiction funny/dramatic/moving book about my life (that would no doubt be turned into a movie) ? I am certainly not a  guru of ANY subject. I would consider myself pretty good/great at a lot of things (singing, teaching, being a mom) but I am not awesome at any one thing. I know so many people who are far better at all of those things than I am. I try to surround myself with those people hoping their fantastic abilities and talents might rub off on me!

So, how would that translate to paper? I can see the title now... "How to be Middle of the Road and Happy with it-a Guide to accepting your Mediocre-ness?" And YES I would put a question mark at the end of the title. That wasn't an accident. I did that because the people reading this book would be like me, constantly questioning themselves. The question mark would give them the breathing room they need to accept or not accept their abilities, or lack there of as the book title suggests.

Hmm... the possibility also exists, that maybe I have just been middle of the road because I haven't tapped into God's  true plan for my life. Maybe writing will be the one thing that shows the AWESOMENESS that is dying to get out  (see Wonder Woman costume). Of course, there is also the possibility that I am blowing this whole thing out of proportion. Perhaps, those wonderful folks who said I should write a book were just being nice and really they just like the pictures and videos on my blog.

SEE!!!! Constantly questioning myself! Well, I think I will pray on it and ASK God for some clarity. There's a lot of praying at my house these days. It's a good thing God doesn't get tired of hearing from me! I wonder if God is going to show me that I need to write a book, or if he is going to show me that I have lost my mind due to being stuck in the house for so many days because of the snow. I'll be okay with either! 


Rita A. said...

I say write the book. What an honor. Thanks for joining Friday Follow. Glad to have you part of the fun. Rita @

Anonymous said...

Jessica - you can definitely write a book. I've always wanted to. I have two drafts started and the books are both completely different styles. But I haven't worked on them in years. As of late I've been considering writing a children's book as well. No matter which way I go one of my biggest challenges is deciding if I'd want to self publish or start the process of applying to a boatload of publishers. I think this is definitely a journey we could share together! If you ever want to talk about it - let me know! But I say - if it's in your heart - go for it! I'll buy a copy and if I ever take the next step perhaps you could do the same for me. ;)

Is Dis Normal or Dysfunctional? said...

Hi Jessica,

I say start writing. I had all the same doubts when I got started, I mean, I didn't grow up in a Glass Castle type situation and I wondered who would read my book, but I wrote it anyway. It was not easy and I plowed through the low self esteem moments, but the book is finished.

Now, I have to enter phase two and start marketing it!

ray ray said...

yo girlll. try it. what have you got to lose? i enjoy reading your blogs because it helps me keep up with my family i dont get to see very often. not only are they informational but entertaining in the way you write about the subjects and the illustrations. it really speaks if that makes any sense? anywho, i know you have awesome advice, funny stories, and an imagination. all you need is the motivation to just go for it! so i say GO!

Jessica said...

aplaceforthoughts- I would LOVE to talk about it. You already know so much more than me based on what you have said in your post!

Is DIS- I love that name BTW. How great that you have already written a book! Keep me posted on your marketing progress! AWESOME!

Thanks Rita!

You are SOOOO right Ray Ray! I have nothing to loose!

Well now it is time to figure out what to write!

Jennie said...

Jessica...I say write the book!! I would love to hear your thoughts about how music impacts the lives of kids, especially in the educational setting. I know you'd have some great insight with your musical ed. experience!

Jessica said...

Good idea Jennie! I'll think on that! Any other suggestions out there? I would love to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Teri Hatcher wrote a book Called Burnt Toast. Your style of writing reminded me alot of that book, which I really enjoyed by the way. I have the book if you'd like a light funny read.