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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's wrong with Mommy?

The snow is melting and life is getting back to normal around here. I enjoyed the days of playing in the snow and hanging out with Ruby, but we were both ready for her playmates to come back. Being here with her alone was far more difficult than I expected it to be. I thought these snow days would be lazy pajama filled days of cuddling, playing and resting. Instead I got whining, grumpy, indecisive, and ALWAYS hungry Ruby. It was annoying. I feel terrible saying that about my own precious child, but it's true she was a real pain in the rear.

It was beyond frustrating trying to keep her happy. She would ask for a toy to play with and I would go and get it for her. When I returned with the toy SHE had requested, I was met with GRUMPY RUBY (grrrrrr)! GRUMPY RUBY would look at me with disgust and then throw her self into a heap on the floor. Face down, she would yell/whine, " No, I don't want the toy! Don't want it!" UGH!

Next, I would try to figure out what would be the thing to keep her happy. Here is a scene from the possible one act drama, What's wrong with Mommy?

Me: "How about coloring? Would you like to color?"
GRUMPY RUBY : No!!!! I don't want color! I don't like a color!
Me: Here Ruby, let's play with the puzzles! Help mommy play with the puzzles.
GRUMPY RUBY: ( whining voice- similar to nails on a chalk board) Ehh hu, Ehhh hu! I sooo tired.
Me: ( slightly upbeat and hopeful voice) You wanna go night night?
GRUMPY RUBY: ( throws self in heap on floor, face down) I don't waaaaannna go night night! No, No Yogurt Drink! Yogurt Drink!
Me: We are all out of yogurt drinks Ruby.
Grumpy Ruby: ( still face down, whining voice escalates) NOOO! YOGGGGUUURT!
Me: ( takes deep breath) Ruby, stop whining or I am going to put you in time out. We don't talk to mommy that way. Stand Up. Look at mommy, take a deep breath. Tell mommy what you want.
GRUMPY RUBY: (Hug) Sorry mommy
Me: Thank you Ruby. Now, what do you want to play with?
Returning to normal Ruby: I want the toy. ( points to original toy that started the fit)
Me: ( twitches and shakes) Here! ( Walks away twitching and shaking mumbling about a head ache.)


I know I am not the only one out there, who went through this. I was on the phone with Bell's mom, Sonia. She didn't sound much better than me. She too admitted that she might go insane if there was much more of the bickering and whining at her house. My dear friend Sarah said she was soooo ready to go back to work after dealing with her little darling. We are all great moms, but we just needed a break.

SO, While I LOVE the alone time with my sweet Ruby, I did NOT enjoy the extended visits of......


Anonymous said...

Priceless and YES..we all go through days like this but, oh my, the time flies by so quickly.
I remember these days with each of you and now look at are a Mom and I am "Gammaw."
I am sometimes frightened to think about how much of my life is behind me but I am comforted by precious memories and that my kids are such wonderful parents.

Your Mommy Friend Lori said...

Jessica, another great post. Just love that Ruby!

Katie said...

I SO know what those days are like. Cute blog!

Jessica said...

Thanks soooo much!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't see the videos but the pics of Ruby are priceless! I imagine you were ready for a glass of wine at the end of that day! Thinking of you.

Jessica said...

Thanks for letting me know about the video. I think I fixed it.

Anonymous said...

The Joys and pains of being a mother.

Sorry it was such a hard time to spend with your little girl.
Mine are all grown up and I would love some of that time back with them even the grumpy times.
I am here from Friday Follow.
Please stop by and follow me and let me know I have been here first.

@Buttons and Bows

pam said...


New follower this FF!

Debbie said...

Yes, I think we have all had days like that.
Came over from Friday Follow. I'm a new follower!

Crystal said...

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Found you through Friday Follow! Great blog, I'm now a Google Friend Connect Follower! :)

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Rita A. said...

She is not a happy camper! Too cute.

lovemylevi said...

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Heather McDougle said...

haha Sounds like my days!

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