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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow day fun videos and pictures

It SNOOOOWWWED! YAY! The area I live in has no consistency when it comes to snow. So, for those of you who live in places that snow is just a fact of life, this post may make you laugh when you see how life just stops around here when it snows. It is wonderful how quiet and peaceful things seem when it snows. And THAT is why I LOVE SNOW. I love to stop and look at the beautiful sky of white and take in the cold crisp air. I love to watch from my window (usually with hot chocolate and Bailey's) as the world outside is transformed into a pristine white blanket.

Some years, we have gotten slammed. I remember missing a ridiculous amount of school my junior year of high school because we had a blizzard. We had over a foot of snow. IT WAS AWESOME! We would go back to school for a day or two and we would get snow again. My sister was getting married that year and we were sure she was going to have a snowy wedding day, but the weekend of February 24, 1996 was a beautiful, (and if I remember correctly)warm, sunny day. The one weekend without any snow for weeks.

Other years, we go to bed having been told by the weather men to expect an inch or two, only to wake up in the morning and see green grass rather than the white ground we were dreaming of all night long. I had many, many, mornings of devastation when I realized I was indeed going to have to go to school. Whether I was the student or I was the teacher, I was always game for a good fun snow day.

This year we actually had a white Christmas. It actually snowed a few days before Christmas, but the ground still had snow on it, so in my book that counts as a white Christmas. This is our second batch of BIG snow this year. It has been so much fun to go sledding, make snow angels, and snowmen with Ruby. She seems to love the snow too.

Today, we walked to my parent's house (we live in the same neighborhood) and enjoyed sledding down the same steep driveway I did as a child. Ruby made snow angels with my dad and I. My dad said he doesn't ever remember making snow angles as a child. HOW SAD! But, how great that he got to experience it with his grandchild and daughter today!

Then, we went inside and my mom, at my request, gave Ruby and Ben their first experience with snow cream. It is sooooo yummie! Mom takes snow, canned milk, vanilla, and sugar and somehow makes this delicious icy treat. Ben doesn't even like sweets and he liked it! It was a day of awesome snowy firsts for several of my loved ones. What an amazing day!


Anonymous said...

Tell Momma Ford that we all want to try her "Snow Cream"!

Anonymous said...

Snow Angels.... you spell like your Dad. He didn't know that there was anything wrong until I started to laugh!
Love you!

Jessica said...

I fixed it! I am a horrible speller and I know it. That's why I have you!
Spell check didn't catch it either because ANGLE and ANGEL are both real words. UGH

Your Mommy Friend Lori said...

I have never ever been to the snow (SoCal native) and you make it look so fun! In fact I think it's hilarious I just called snow "the snow" as if it is an actual place on a map. All of us Californians say it...anywho, I enjoy your site and I love that you are a horrible speller (as it says in your comments) just like me!

Take care!

Jessica said...

Thanks Lori! Terrible spellers unite!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had the perfect day, Jessica!!! Fun! You should see what a blizzard is like where I live. ;)

Jessica said...

I would love to see. You should make that a post on your blog sometime!

BJNR said...

Life is Good!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I will, Jessica! :)