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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Thursday, April 25, 2013

3 years! How did that happen?

Hello Friends!
It is so great to be back here. Can it really have been three years since my last post? YES!!! My, how different life is for us.  Since 2010, and my last post, our family of three has become a family of four (we welcomed Grace Anne in September of 2011), I have stopped watching kids and started my real estate career!
It is a busy time in our lives. Ruby has registered for Kindergarten, Grace Anne is learning and doing new things everyday, and Ben is still working a pretty crazy schedule.  I am enjoying my new venture into real estate. There is definitely sales in my blood, so I think it will be a great fit.
 It is so exciting to learn about what Realtors actually do. It is SO much more than I ever realized.  I never expected to end up in real estate, but I find it fascinating and I love that I will be able to help people find their own private slice of this beautiful world.
I work at Hometown Realty in Richmond,Va and am on the Kevin Currie team. I was introduced to Kevin through our wonderful neighbor, Dale, who knew I was considering venturing into real estate. Kevin came to our house to talk with us about an opportunity that had come to our attention in real estate investing.While it is a great opportunity for some, the financial commitment was too much for us. Kevin had dealt with folks who had done that kind of investing before and was able to answer many of our questions and confirm our reservations about heading that direction.
We had been praying for quite some time for the Lord guide us in how to address some of our financial needs.  We both felt the Lord was directing us toward real estate, but could not figure out how.  As the conversation continue with Kevin, a glimmer of hope came to us. He asked a great question. " Have you ever thought about being a real estate agent?"
The answer was Yes, I had. But, didn't think it was a viable option since I am home with the girls. Kevin explained that often times people work in teams and that he would be open to doing that with me. I could drum up business during nap time by calling for sale by owner houses and expired listings. I could do meetings in the evening and on the weekends. And when my home life wasn't allowing me flexibility, Kevin would be able to help!
Kevin gave Ben and I a lot to think and pray about. Was this what God had planned for our family? I decided to give it a shot. I started an online class the week after Thanksgiving and in January I had taken the exam and passed. It took a while for my license to post, but once it did, I was excited to get going. 
So, here I am! A real estate agent! I have one property listed and one coming on the market in May. It's going to take a while to get my name out there, to get the hang of all that is involved, and for the financial side to kick in.  But, with Kevin and the folks at hometown, I have a support system in place to answer any questions I might have. We are also fortunate to have family members, friends and a church who are loving and supportive in many many ways while I make this transition. So, if any of you are reading this... Thank you so much for your prayers, babysitting, and much more! You are awesome.
It's a tricky transition, "going" back to work. Especially when I'm not actually going anywhere. Working from home with an almost kindergartner and a toddler is no easy task. The house is loud and neither of my children are particularly patient. It seems like the minute I sit at the computer to get a few things done, one or both of them is literally in my lap. All of my phone calls are made in a ninja like fashion while the kids are distracted or after Ben gets home. Luckily, most people are totally understanding if things get loud. Most people and have been or are currently parents. Parenthood unites us all!  
While Grace Anne fusses and throws tantrums when she doesn't get my attention right away,
Ruby has the verbal skills to tell me what she is thinking at all times and it can be hurtful. "I want my old mommy back. The one that didn't have to work. I like that mommy better." (Insert heart breaking gasp here)
 I am doing this for our family! Doesn't she get that? No... she is five and a very DRAMATIC five at that. I have no idea where she got that from (wink wink).  Most five year old children can't see past the next 10 minutes, much less the future I am helping to build for her. I know it will get easier once she goes to school and I have time to work while she is there. For now, I try to explain that all of those "things" she wants cost money and mommy has to work to make the money. It's a lesson in progress, but she'll get it eventually... I hope.
Our church is doing a series on making better choices. They have been texting us Proverbs everyday. this one seems appropriate to share.
Pr 10:20 God will use us for great purposes if we listen to Him whisper to our hearts.
I'm listening God! Whisper away!!!!
Anyone else find it ironic that I am literally  "Walking the Land" for my job. God has a since of humor, huh?

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