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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Have you ever had one of those moments when God answers a huge prayer? Maybe He provided for you and your family when things were getting tight. Maybe He healed a loved one or even you from an illness. Perhaps God provided an answer regarding a job change. Maybe the Lord gave you clear direction regarding a relationship. God has answered many many prayers like this for me and my family. He has proven to be faithful over and over again. I know that if I ask God and my heart is in the right place, I will receive what need. That doesn't mean the answer is what I want or think I need, but what the Lord knows I need. He knows me better than I know myself and will provide just the right answer!

What did you do when God answered your prayer? Did you get to praising God for his faithfulness? Did you share God's blessings with a friend? Maybe you put on your favorite praise and worship CD and started singing and dancing for the Lord. Perhaps you just said a quiet thank you. Those would be great things to do in appreciation. It would be wonderful if we all remembered to give thanks with a grateful heart. I'm sure you always do that part right? ( Insert annoying buzzer sound from family feud here!)  

I'm willing to bet that sometimes... you forget to say thank you.  You go about your life as normal never stopping to  recognize God's answer as a gift. Sometimes... you ignore God's answers and try and do things your way. The Lord sends you signs and answers over and over again. Instead of recognizing them as answers and making a change,  you continue to pray for an answer that sounds better to YOU. Unfortunately, instead of stopping to give God the GLORY he is DUE, we quickly move on to the next thing and next prayer request.

Can you imaging if your children did this to you? What would you do if your child received a gift and didn't say thank you? What would your reaction be if your child got a gift from a friend and complained that it wasn't exactly what THEY wanted instead of being grateful? Wouldn't you get upset if you repeatedly told your child an answer to a question and they kept saying,"what?"  Or what if they ignored you all together when you tried to guide them? I think we all know the answers to these questions. It would certainly NOT be acceptable behavior in my house and would likely lead to some major consequences.

If we don't accept this behavior from our children, why do we think it is okay to treat our Heavenly Father this way? This is YOUR wake up call. Take the time today and say THANK YOU to GOD!  Tell Him how He has blessed you and offer Him praise. Instead of praying for help or for something you want, today why not focus on all of the big and little things God provides for you everyday. Write God a Thank you note! If you are comfortable with sharing, perhaps you could post your Thank you comments here.

Here is mine to help you get started!

Dear Lord,
Thank you so much for providing for my family. Thank you listening to our hearts and providing what we need. We are grateful for your faithfulness. Thank you so much for making it possible for me to be home with Ruby. What a blessing to be with her everyday. Thank you for keeping her healthy and happy. Thank you for my wonderful husband. He is exactly what I prayed for. Thank you for my parents and in-laws who keep us in their thoughts and prayers and provide support each in their own unique way. Thank you for being the AMAZING GOD you are and providing for me even when I am not aware of it.
In Christ's name I pray,


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Anonymous said...

Um - Jessica -

Great, great post! Fabulous! Thank you for reminding others that God is so very important and should be a part of our every day.


My thank you - for tonight - is

Dear God,

Thank you for blessing me with another day. Thank you for the love you've shown me through you and my son. Thank you for the guidance you've shown me in the difficulties that I am currently facing. Thank you for lifting me up and reminding me that I can count on you. That you will always be there.