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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ben's Birthday!

It Began on Friday morning and continued through Sunday night.This weekend was... THE EASTER/BEN"S BIRTHDAY MARATHON!!!! I am still tired this morning from all of the weekends comings and goings. All in all though I think it was a success. I know Easter is busy for a lot of people, but throw in a birthday and we got straight up nuts on our hands.

Saturday morning began VERY early. I wish someone would explain to Ruby that Saturday's are supposed to be sleep in days. I've tried to tell her, but she just doesn't care.UGH! Usually Ben and I trade off who gets up with her, but being that this was his birthday weekend he pretty much took both days. Oh well, such is life and it WAS his birthday. I had a lot to get done anyway. Watching my daycare kids doesn't exactly give me the flexibility to go shopping for a birthday present during the week. I have a hard enough time just hitting a few stores when it is just Ruby.

That being said, I was hoping that once my darling birthday boy rose from his wondrous slumber, I could head to the store kid free and get to business. That didn't happen. He had other plans to finish some yard work and get and get a keg for the weekend happenings. Ruby was "helping" him with the yard, but it wasn't going too well, so I swept her into the car and off we went. We had a lot of ground to cover and I knew we were on a tight schedule before she needed a nap.

Needless to say, it wasn't the best experience. When I got back, Ben asked me if I had a good time. HA HA HA! UHHHHH NO! It had been a battle of the wills since we left the house. I spent the entire time listening to Ruby try to dictate what we were going to do next. " No, all done shoppin mommy! I go playground! I sooo hungry! I go potty!" It was NOT fun people. Not fun at all! I pushed the issue and I got all of my check list accomplished. She fell asleep on the way home. At least I didn't have to argue with her to take a nap!

Next we were off to Ben's moms for a great dinner. She had a fabulous spread. The best part was, all I had to do was bring some store bought potato salad. Ruby, was the star of the dinner. She showed off all of her tricks and big words. Ben got his key lime pie for dessert instead of a birthday cake. Ben is not a lover of sweets, but he LOVES key lime pie!  We had a great time visiting with the family, but we needed to head on home for party number 2 of the day at our house.

Ben mentioned earlier in the week that he wanted to have people over to watch the basket ball games that were going to be on that night. I thought from the conversation that HE had already talked to the folks he wanted to come. THAT was NOT the case. I was supposed to do it. SO, on Thursday night I was frantically Facebook messaging people to beg them to come. We had a few takers, THANK GOD! So, Ben got what he wanted and I wasn't in the dog house.

Ben had a great time. Tuxedo t-shirt and all! 

There he is in all of his glory! Yes, he is wearing a tiara. I forgot to get plates, so we had to use Ruby's princess plates. DUHHHH! He had to wear the crown to match the plates! He was such a good sport!

There's the spread! Ham biscuits, potato salad, fruit, chips and the only other type of sweets Ben likes...CARROT CAKE! Notice the LACK of clutter! Ohh yeah! I've been working hard on the clutter front. Pictures and post are coming soon!

In case you lost track, we are only on Saturday. We still had ALL DAY Sunday! I'll be posting about Sunday in my next post. I've got a million pictures to go through first. And right now, Ruby is begging to go to guess where... the playground! It's just Ruby and me this week because it's spring break, so it SHOULD be a nice relaxing week. Now, if I could just get her to sleep in tomorrow, THAT WOULD BE PERFECT!


Hayley said...

Sure does sound like a crazy weekend but with heaps of fun thrown in. It is true children and shopping are a bad combination, lol

Name: Holly Bowne said...

Wow! You did have a busy Saturday, didn't you?! And I can relate to the holiday birthday balancing act, our baby girl (now 18 yrs. old!) was born on Christmas Day!

That's so funny about how your hubby likes key lime pie as opposed to cake. Every year I make my hubby "sour" cherry pie for his--no cake for him either. Can't wait to hear all about Easter Sunday.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like your weekend was very busy! Especially since we only heard about Saturday! Glad Ben had a good birthday - it sounds like you went all out for him! I hope you and Ruby are having a great spring break!

Jessica said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! I'll get those Easter pics up as soon as I can!
Holly- sour cherry pie? mmm sounds good!
Aplace- It's been great! thanks!