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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Friday, March 12, 2010

What my body and Brain CRAVE

Ahhh! The last few days around here have been absolutely beautiful. I have been soooo ready for spring. It's  been a LONG winter. I know in my previous posts I have talked about how I enjoy snow. While that is still true, I must confess, it was too much even for me. I have been feeling very trapped by our cold and icy weather. The children have been itching to get outside to run and play. I've been itching for that too! We love each other, but we needed some wide open spaces. This week, we got to enjoy those wide open spaces! In one week, I have taken the kids two parks, we have played outside with chalk and toys, and we have been to the zoo. Today was a bit rainy in the morning, so in honor of Bell's 2nd birthday, we had some friends over to play and we watched a movie!

All of this fabulous weather is making me so glad that daylight savings is this weekend. I'm sooo ready for longer warmer days. While I enjoy the novelty of snow, my body and brain CRAVE warm, sunny weather. I am a much happier person and much more motivated in the warmer months. I get my big ole butt out to walk or run , I get to cleaning and organizing and I eat healthier because we have fresh veggies from our yard or neighbors.

I am also happier because we spend more time at my parents lake house. All of my family makes their way down to hang out, float in the lake, let all of the cousins play, and have some fun. I LOVE spending time with my family. I love how Ruby plays with her cousins. They are ALL truly her favorite people in the world. Even thought there is quite an age difference from the oldest to the youngest, it still seems to work somehow. It is such a blast. Once the kiddies have all gone to bed, I have the BEST time hanging out with my sister, my brother in law, my brother, and my sister-in-law and of course my handsome husband. My parents are fun too, but most of the time after the kids go to bed, so do the grandparents! Here are just a few examples of just how awesome my family is and why I am looking forward to these days and nights at the lake!

While he does have a serious side, especially when playing golf, My brother- in- law Scott, is such a ham. Most of the pictures I have of him involve him making a silly face of some type. Here he is toting a dead keg back from our friends place down at the lake. See silly face!

Don't you want to be friends with this guy!!!
You would if you saw the kick butt corn hole boards he built and painted. AWESOME! Too bad I STINK at anything that requires aiming!

Here is a little of Scott after hours. Scott Loves the Bee Gees. I had no idea! Notice the cool night vision!

 More Bee Gee Fun! This time my sister, Holly joins the fun!

Now it's my turn to join Holly. We are are some dancing fools. If you have ever seen that show shimmy, you'll get the end of this video.

Yeah we're crazy. I know! But you have to admit, we look like we are having a blast. There is no better way to unwind then to chill with my fam and enjoy some good music.

The Lake is full of relaxing mornings. Here is my oldest niece hanging out on the couch waiting for breakfast. Love this girl! Looking through my pictures, I realized she wasn't in as many. She has a friend down at the lake and they are usually together doing teenager things. I can't believe she is sooo big! She is a great cousin for Ruby! She loves on her a lot and makes her laugh too!

She was probably watching this. My brother made a house out of a box. This house has been the source of many hours of fun for the younger cousins. I love listening to the sound of their laughter and pretend play. i can't wait to see what they do with that box this year!

I can't forget to talk about the Dogs!This is our Goldendoodle, Dozer. HE LOVES THE WATER! He has two dog cousins that he likes to play with. They roll around together on the grass and sand. They try to beat each other to the tennis ball in the water. Sometimes they even float in the water on floats. They live to play at the lake! And at the end of the day, they all poop out. It's fabulous!

Ummmmm. Well, mom's glasses broke and my brother tried to fix them. There isn't a lot to work with down there. It was pretty funny!OH! The things that happen at the lake.

Wish you were here? I do!

 Fun on the tractor with Papa! 

The cooking crew!

What a good looking family! Now do you see why my brain and body crave warm weather. Good times like this are hard to come by. I'm lucky. I get have them a lot! 
I hope all of you have a fabulous weekend! I know I will! I'm headed to the lake! Let the fun begin!
Happy Friday!

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Your Mommy Friend Lori said...

Wow, can I come too? I don't eat much...well that's not true. The lake house looks amazing! Great for your soul to be around good people and good energy. You are so blessed to have so much love around you! Loved this post!

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Anonymous said...

Great post, Jessica! I can see why you love the lake so much. I hope you enjoyed a fabulous weekend there! Thanks for sharing all of this with us!

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Waiting for more!