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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Having Fun with Letter P! And the first installment of YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!

This past week we celebrated the letter P. P is such a GREAT letter. There are so many things to do with the letter P. In fact, P maybe my new favorite letter. I never really had a favorite letter, but I do now! I bet after reading this, it may be your favorite too!

Celebrating letter P this week we got to eat PANCAKES! My kids LOVE pancakes. We have them quite a bit, but we never had a reason to celebrate it before! They also had peach yogurt which was another nice P word. I know Banana doesn't start with P, but they needed some fresh fruit, and that was all I had. SO, we had PIECES of banana??? Come on people... give it to me. I know I'm stretching!

We also enjoyed some painting! This was a huge hit. I cut sponges into different shapes and the kids used them almost as stamps. They had brushes too. It was very self directed art. All of the work turned out very differently.  They glued the letter P on the paper first, but that was the only part of the project that was the same. Everything else came from their creative spirits. And my little ones are VERY creative!

And let's not forget P is for Play dough!!!

 Here is a little peek into our fantastic P is for Pajama Day circle time.

We had a picnic and a movie! With healthy pretzels and veggies. Our pet Dozer decided to join us. After all, P is for PET too!
But there is no question what was the kid's favorite part of our week of celebrating the letter P...

P is for Pizza with Papa!
 My dad came to have pizza with the kids. My mom came too, but P is not for Gamaw!!! So, she was a nice bonus surprise for the kiddies. The kids had a great time with Papa. He even took the time to read a little bit to the kids. The kids were all piled on top of him. At one point he couldn't even see to read. It was quite a hoot! 

Here is a small bit of his participation with our P celebration!

It was a great week of celebrating the letter P! 

 I decided to add a new section where I could highlight some great pictures and videos. I have found that sometimes I have videos and pictures that I think you will enjoy, but they don't necessarily go with a blog post. So, here  is the first installment of YOU GOTTA SEE THIS! ENJOY!

This first one is my niece A. She is Bell's older sister. She decided she wanted to look like a clown, and this is what that looked like to her. Notice the face when her mommy asks her if she is sorry. The answer is clearly no! She isn't.
In case you were wondering... It didn't come off and she did have to go like that to school.
 Sad Clown, not really

Too Cute not to share... Here is Bell's belting out Happy Birthday with her play dough birthday cake! 

I tried to add this video a while a go when I was talking about all of Ruby's amazing qualities. She is quite the little actress and here is the video to prove it.  Bells and another little one that I use to keep are in it too. They are quite the little hams!


Your Mommy Friend Lori said...

OMG! I love YOU GOTTA SEE THIS! What a great idea. Wow, kids are hilarious and so wonderfully crazy! The letter P looked like a blast, the kids looked like they enjoyed it as well!

Anonymous said...

Phenomenal Post! ;)

Okay - that's as far as I'm going with the p's.

Great video's! Your niece definitely didn't look sorry! :)

Anonymous said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOO very cute. Love the videos!

Janine said...


LOL, Love the "P" post!