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Me and my Family

Me and my Family

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Don't you wish you could freeze them in time? oh and tell me your fav pic!

I know that every parent finds their child amazing. I am no different. I think Ruby is the MOST wonderful child.I love talking about her. This isn't my first post highlighting my daughter. I am positive it will not be the last. I admit it. I am bragger when it comes to her. I know most people find bragging to be a negative personality trait, but when it comes to your children, I think there is, or their should be an exception to the rule. 
So, I officially release your inner bragging rights. Let it loose. Talk about how AWESOME your child is. What are they doing in their lives that you are proud of? What did they say that was so hilarious? How are they changing?  Are they an athlete? Are they an artist? Are they a comedian? Are they serious or insightful?
How have they changed you? 

Don't you just want to freeze time to keep them just as they are?

From time to time my father likes to remind me that I promised him I would never grow up. Now that I am a parent, I understand how he probably wished that my promise was possible. I think about Ruby one day being a grown woman and it seems like a million years away. And yet it seems like it was only yesterday  when she was born and we took her home thinking, "What do we do now?" And here we are looking at a walking, talking, dancing, cheering, singing, hugging, loving 2 year old. 

That grown woman is just around the corner. So, while I've got her, I'm gonna brag!
Here are some pictures I took today of Ruby. I'm thinking of using one of these photos to enter her in a beautiful baby contest. Tell me your favorite. Obviously, I posted some that are just silly because I love her expressions. So, I probably won't send those in, but they are here for your enjoyment. 

I'm always amazed at how many moods and faces Ruby can have in one day! It must be exhausting. I know I am tired at the end of the day just trying to keep up!
Don't forget to tell me all about your Kiddo! and your favorite picture!

























    aplaceforthoughts said...

    You should definitely be bragging! Ruby is so beautiful! Love all the pictures! #5 is so cute! Love #8! 9 is too cute for words! 20 is beautiful - they are all fabulous!!!

    My baby boy is just 8mths old but I can already start to understand what you are saying. It seems like yesterday that we brought him home. He is crawling so fast now and getting into everything. Climbed the stairs a couple times this week but gets tired after 3 steps. And is pulling himself up and walking along furniture. He is on the go!

    I'm so glad to be able to follow your blog, Jessica!

    Jessica said...

    Thanks! I love yours too! Thanks for your favorite picks! I can't wait to see which ones everyone likes!

    Patti823 said...

    #10 makes me laugh but #20 she looks so sweet....They are all great ! ! My favorite is #20. Good Luck ! !

    Jenny said...

    They are all great but my favorite is #9!!! Good luck!

    Julie Fitzsimmons said...

    I LOVE #9! But if you want a less "silly" one for the contest, I like #20... just wish the lighting was a little better, but the facial expression is so natural and sweet.

    And I'll brag on my little girl a little bit... She is the most serious 3-month old I've ever met! She concentrates SO HARD when she is trying to do something - like grab a toy or talk, or pick up her head... or all three at once! She sleeps like an angel (12 hours a night!) and is mostly very patient with us during the day. She knows that Mommy and Daddy are still learning about this thing called parenthood, so she only complains if we get it VERY wrong, lol.

    Jessica said...

    Thanks for your help everyone! #20 is in the lead.
    Julie, She sounds so sweet. I hope we get to meet her soon. I hope to hear more people bragging!

    Anonymous said...

    #3 or #21. I like those.

    ~~ Kim

    Your Mommy Friend Lori said...

    #10 & #16!!!!!!

    Ruby needs to model. Gap Kids hosts an annual casting call online for models every Sept/Oct. Be sure to check it out, I'd vote for Ruby!!!! Team Ruby!